We are what we love, and our love is shaped, primed, and aimed by liturgical practices that take hold of our gut and aim our heart to certain ends… We are more concretely homo liturgicus; humans are those animals that are religious animals not because we are primarily believing animals but because we are liturgical animals - embodied, practicing creatures whose love/desire is aimed at something ultimate
— James K.A. Smith

The Praxis Conference is a collaboration of academics, artists, and reflective practitioners focused on reclaiming historical church’s liturgy, art, and sacred space for contemporary evangelical ministry contexts.

The Bullet Points

  • Dates:

JUNE 14 - 15 | 2016

  • Location:


The Event

The 2015 Praxis Conference will explore the implications of being formed by Christian time, the limits of Protestant spirituality, the nuances of ecumenism, and how the Great Tradition calls us into participation of both common and redemptive grace.

What You Can Expect

  • Music from contributors like Aaron Niequist, Glenn Packiam, & The Brilliance

  • Short, TED-esque talks from great thinkers like Chris Seay, Sarah Bessey, Brian Zahnd, Dr. Chris Green, and about a dozen more

  • A better understanding of why the Christian church adopted a calendar to remember its story

  • Exploration of practices that pertain to the various seasons

  • Discussion on how resourcing the Christian Calendar empowers discipleship in our postmodern world

  • Thoughts on the call to ecumenism, including those from the Catholic tradition and the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.

  • A discussion on how celebrating the traditions of the historical church translates into the practice of common redemptive grace - social justice - both in our local communities and around the world
  • An opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist with believers from around the country
  • A chance to see firsthand what practicing the historical traditions of the church can look like within the context of a local church community
  • To network with other Christian leaders from various traditions