Thoughts on the Liturgical Moments

The following post is from the blog of Glenn Packiam.

Glenn is the pastor of new life DOWNTOWN - a parish of New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He has authored a handful of books including Discover the Mystery of Faith and LUCKY: How the Kingdom Comes to Unlikely People. Glenn was also one of the founding leaders and songwriters for Desperation Band, and has been featured on several of their recordings. To read more of Glenn Packiam's thoughts on liturgy and resourcing Tradition, check out his blog:

Glen Packiam's Blog

I am the furthest thing from a liturgy expert. I'm a student. But some times, as C. S. Lewis once wrote, a student may be helpful to other students because he knows what it is like to not know what the teacher knows! I made these short videos (2-3 minutes each) to help fellow "students" to learn about certain moments in the liturgy. A true liturgist will know that these aren't formal names or moments; I am referring to parts of the service in informal ways. But I think this may help those of us from non-liturgical backgrounds to understand what we can gain from saying the Creed, confessing our sins, turning to each other, coming to the Table, and more.